Warwickshire firm celebrates international collaboration at German conference

Uncategorized A manufacturing company based in Warwickshire has held a conference in Germany to mark a new collaboration with their German business partners. Industry experts also presented predictions for future trends within the automotive sector at the event.

Automotive Insulations (AI), manufacture thermal and acoustic insulation components for cars and a range of commercial vehicles as well as the marine industry. With their locally based German partners, AI has formed the company Rheinland Insulations (www.rheinins.de/en/) based in West Germany.

Over 50 invited guests attended the conference, entitled Trends and Solutions for Sound and Weight Reduction in Cars which was held in the German town of Hilden, 15km east of Duesseldorf in West Germany.

The focus of the evening’s presentations was the increasingly important role of suppliers in developing the ‘car of tomorrow’. The importance of weight reduction combined with meeting increasing demands for comfort and sustainable production were highlighted as major challenges facing the automotive industry.

Speakers included Rugby based managing director of Rheinland Insulations Jim Griffin as well as Ingo Olschewski from AutoCluster (North Rhine Westphalia), a think tank of RWTH Aachen, the largest technical university in Germany.

“Our work in Britain has shown that it is possible to meet industry’s need for increasingly lightweight insulation solutions,” Jim explained. “We have developed our own advanced materials in-house and have invested heavily in technology to ensure that the fulfilment of higher targets in technology is both possible and economically viable.”

Horst Thiele, mayor of Hilden gave the opening speech of the evening, welcoming the symposium delegates and international visitors to the town. Matthias Migl of Rheinland Insulations added: "The support and flexible management of the city council has convinced us. In Hilden, we feel comfortable."

After the presentations, guests had the opportunity to look at the production line in operation and to view a selection of British classic cars from the 1950s to the 1970s. The range of vehicles on display highlighted how sound and heat protection solutions have progressed during the decades.

In addition to their Rugby headquarters, AI also has a factory in Sweden which was set up in 2012. As Rheinland Insulations, they develop materials for use in vehicle engine bays, interiors, underbodies and exteriors at their German site.